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Creasur and GORE Biobío invite to the IV Congress of International and Interdisciplinary Cultural Heritage

  • The project is funded by the Biobío Regional Government.
  • The topics to be addressed are the industrial heritage, social issues and the challenges for new governance.

Concepción, Región del Biobío, Chile. From 16 to 20 October 2023, the fourth edition of the Congress on International and Interdisciplinary Cultural Heritage will be held in the offices of the Biobío Regional Government “Industrial Heritage, Social Issues and Challenges for the New Governance” which will bring together researchers and experts in the field of heritage, from around the world, with the intention of promoting reflection and criticism around cultural and industrial capitals from interdisciplinary approaches.

This initiative is part of the programme “International Strategies for the Transformation of Industrial Heritage into Regional Assets”, allocated through the National Resource Fund (FNDR) from the Biobío Regional Government.

During the conference knowledge and experience will be shared through keynote speeches, thematic tables and presentations of scientific works. In addition, training and technical visits will be carried out to relevant heritage sites in the region, with the aim of enriching the debate and strengthening collaboration among participants.

The schedule of the seminar will be published on monday 28th of august, once the papers selected for presentation have been known. For that task, the scientific committee will be composed, among other academics, by PhD. María Esperanza Rock, PhD(c). Andrés Torres, PhD. Marion Steiner, PhD. Daniel Stewart, PhD. Lorenzo Berg, PhD. Marina Mantilla and PhD. Elis Angelo, all relevant subject matter experts.

The invitation is extended to all stakeholders involved in the development of knowledge in the areas of heritage, territory and culture, as well as for society and academia in general. For more information on the Congress, key dates, topics addressed and requirements for the submission of proposals, we invite you to visit the website

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