NUDISUR was born from the Network of Academics from the Southern Hemisphere, which was consolidated in 2016 with the intention of generating research, the International and Interdisciplinary Cultural Heritage conference and comparative studies in relation to critical decolonial cultural heritage, exploring its meaning and relevance in different contexts. Our commitment extends beyond academia, collaborating with public service, community and educational organizations to promote a deep and sensitive understanding of our history and cultures. Through our investigations and activities, we seek to create bridges between the theory and practice, contributing to the development of more inclusive and equitable societies.

Together, we immerse ourselves in an intellectual and creative journey to unravel the threads of history, culture and society, with the goal of building a more equitable and just future for everyone. ¡Welcome to the world of decolonial research, where collaboration and commitment to critical cultural heritage merge in an exciting quest for knowledge and social transformation!

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