OTEC Culture and Territory: The resignification of public space

During 2021, in the dependencies of the Enrique Molina Garmendia Theater of Concepción, the Triennial of Architecture “South of the World 2021”, managed event by the College of Architects of Concepción and with the support of the Faculties of Architecture of the University of Biobío, University of Concepción, University of the Development and University San Sebastián.

The initiative was marked to schedule the importance of building each city with the focus on people, through dialogues and activities, included among its exhibitors OTEC Culture and Territory. The instance began with a keynote talk and subsequent lectures by prominent national architects.

For its part, the team of OTEC Culture and Territory announced the permanent installation executed during 2019, located on the edge of the street in front of the Casa Taller Cultural Center in the town of Santa Justina, Chiguayante.

The structure consists on two metal shelves covered in transparent acrylic and joined by a bench, which aims to emulate those seats – planks – that neighbors install spontaneously under the trees of the street.

This installation worked around the inhabitants of the neighborhood, raises the resignification of the public space of the territory through a simple architectural proposal founded on an ethnographic work that promotes the free and spontaneous exchange of books.

“The exercise of free reading has recovered human networks that contribute to a re-conceptualization of the public at the neighborhood level through the valuation of identities, trust, micro territories, articulated by reciprocity as the central motor of inhabiting the public,” defines the project.

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