Creasur and GORE Biobío invite to the IV Congress of International and Interdisciplinary Cultural Heritage

The Congress of International and Interdisciplinary Cultural Heritage, historically recognized for promoting reflection and criticism of cultural heritage from interdisciplinary approaches, has the honour to invite researchers, academics, professionals and experts in the field of cultural heritage to participate in its fourth edition. This important event will be held from October 16th to 20th in the offices of the Biobío Regional Government, with the support and funding of the same.

This instance seeks to promote an integral view of cultural heritage, framed in the understanding of the past from the present and with the purpose of projecting an introspective future and in line with human cultural diversity. The event will focus on the theme “Industrial Heritage, social issues and challenges for new governance”.

The central topic will address the current problems related to industrial heritage, exploring its relationship with society and the new paradigms of governance. It seeks to promote the exchange of knowledge, experiences and good practices among researchers, professionals and relevant actors in the field of cultural heritage and its relationship with industry, considering its social, economic and environmental impact.

This meeting will provide a unique opportunity to share and discuss recent research, innovative projects and public policies on industrial heritage and its links with society. It will also provide a space for intercultural and critical reflection in order to promote the construction of new decolonial perspectives.

The conference will feature the participation of recognized national and international experts in the field of cultural heritage, who will share their knowledge and experiences through lectures, thematic tables and presentations of scientific works. In addition, training and technical visits will be carried out to relevant heritage sites in the region, with the aim of enriching the debate and strengthening collaboration among participants.

We invited all interested parts to present their proposals for papers and infographics related to the following thematic axes:

  • Historical, theoretical and memory perspectives of industrial heritage.
  • Local and global governance, conflicts and responses to industrial decline and closure.
  • Proposal and project of heritagization in post-industrial contexts.
  • Cultural, educational and tourist management with a critical perspective on heritage.
  • Archives, museum and curatorships with a future perspective.
  • Decolonial critical reflections on declaratory instruments, new proposals.
  • Critical tourism and its socio-cultural dimensions.
  • Industrial memories of the 50 years of the coup in Chile.
  • The role of women in industrialization and post industrial transformation.

Abstract of proposals should be sent via the attached form at Receiving the selected papers will receive due notice on August 25th, 2023.

The abstract will be structured considering the following elements and format:

  • Title of the work (uppercase and in bold).
  • Name and surname of the author.
  • Postgraduate Program.
  • Institutional affiliation (university associated).
  • Thematic axes assigned to the work.
  • 3 keywords.
  • Abstract maximum 300 words. Summary should include justification of the topic, problem addressed, objective, methodology and main conclusion. The 300 words do not include bibliographical references.
  • Bibliographic references (maximum 5).
  • 3 images representative of the work.
  • In PDF format and with vertical chart measure. Using Times New Roman font, size 12 and 1.15 spacing.

The margins should be 3 centimeters for the left 3 and 2 centimeters for the right, upper and lower.

We appreciate the collaboration and support of the Biobío Regional Government, the CreaSur Cultural Center, the Southern Research Center, Cultural Heritage and Territory in the creation, coordination and organization of this important event.

The Fourth Congress of International and Interdisciplinary Cultural Heritage will become a space for meeting and dialogue between researchers, professionals, academics and experts in the field of industrial heritage and its relationship with society. It will be an opportunity to reflect on the challenges we face today and explore new ways of governance that promote the appreciation, preservation and sustainable use of our cultural heritage.

We invite all interested parties to participate actively in this meeting, either through the presentation of papers, the exhibition of infographics, attendance at conferences and round tables, or through participation in workshops and technical visits scheduled.

We extend a cordial call to researchers and professionals from different disciplines, such as archeology, history, anthropology, sociology, architecture and cultural management, among others, to share their knowledge, experiences and perspectives on industrial heritage and its relationship with contemporary society.

We look forward to your valuable contribution and involvement in this important international event. Together, we will be able to generate a space for reflection and collective construction that contributes to the development and strengthening of policies and practices in the field of cultural heritage. For more information about the Congress, the key dates, the topics addressed and the requirements for the submission of proposals, we invite you to visit the website of the event in the Congress section of our website.

¡We look forward to your valuable participation in the 4th International and Interdisciplinary Cultural Heritage Congress!

Important dates

Deadline for summaries: August 11th, 2023
Notification summaries approved: August 25th, 2023
Publication of the programme: August 28th, 2023
Deadline for work at length: September 22th, 2023
Realization of the Congress: From September 16th to October 20th, 2023

Scientific committee

PhD. María Esperanza Rock Núñez. Nudisur Foundation
PhD(c). Andrés Torres Gonzalez. Nudisur Foundation
PhD. Marion Steiner. ESPI Lab Valparaíso, TICCIH International, Nudisur Foundation
PhD Daniel Stewart. Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, Nudisur Foundation
PhD. Elis Angelo. Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Nudisur Foundation
PhD. José Francisco Roman. University of Zacatecas
PhD. Marína Mantilla. University of Guadalajara, Nudisur Foundation
Dr. Lorenzo Berg. University of Chile
PhD. Claudia Torres. University of Chile

Organising Committee

PhD(c). Andrés Torres, Nudisur Foundation
PhD. Daniel Stewart, Nudisur Foundation
PhD. Marion Steiner, Nudisur Foundation
PhD(c). Javiera Ortega, Nudisur Foundation
María José Bretti, Nudisur Foundation
Mariela Gracia, Nudisur Foundation
Roberto Rock, Nudisur Foundation

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