Agreement between the Local Service of Public Education of Andalién Sur and Casa Taller Chiguayante will benefit more than 26 establishments

On April 26th, the signing of the mutual collaboration agreement between the Andalién Sur Local Public Education Service and the Cultural Artistic Center and Crafts “Casa Taller Chiguayante” was consolidated. During the instance, the students of the Hipólito Salas School were part of the signature.

The signing of reciprocal benefits was presented on the one hand, by the Local Public Education Service of Andalién Sur (SLEP), represented by its executive director Gonzalo Araneda and on the other, Centro Cultural Casa Taller legally represented by its president María Esperanza Rock.

This agreement aims to carry out the Support Program for Community Cultural Organizations (SPCCO), which will allow the realization of activities such as: workshops, masterclass, talks and artistic presentations, among others.

To achieve this objective, the Service, through the Extra-School Unit of the Technical Pedagogical Support Branch, has developed actions to create an alliance with the Cultural Center Casa Taller Chiguayante, and thus work together to fulfill the functions and attributions of the SLEP of Andalién Sur.

The signing of the act, defines that SLEP of Andalién South is committed to facilitate spaces in educational establishments: Hipólito Salas of Chiguayante, Belgium School of Chiguayante, Leopoldo Lucero de Concepción, Manuel Amat and Juniet of Hualqui and Juan Gregorio Las Heras de Concepción, among others.

This agreement shall remain in force until the 30th November of 2023, and the parties may terminate the agreement in advance by mutual agreement or unilaterally by giving at least 30 days’ notice.

The determination of dates and times of occupancy of educational establishments for the development of PAOCC, will be coordinated with each of the establishments provided, through a formal request or mail addressed to the SLEP counterpart of Andalién Sur.

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