Association of artisans “TierraBella” and Cultural Center Artistic and Crafts “Casa Taller Chiguayante” sign framework cooperation agreement

In the Cultural Artistic Center and Crafts “Casa Taller Chiguayante”, the signing of the framework agreement of cooperation with the Association of Artisans “TierraBella” was made official on 19th April this year.

The agreement delivered by the Cultural Center Casa Taller that consists of a decentralized, inclusive and environmentally friendly approach, emphasizes collaboration and mutual respect towards the organizations that work together.

“To collaborate in the design and implementation of dissemination and training activities on the topics mentioned or others that the parties expressly agree within the scope of their specific objectives and own purposes”, details the contract.

Likewise, the agreement was managed in accordance with the desire of both institutions to collaborate around activities of professionalization, dissemination and circulation of the work carried out by artisans of Chiguayante.

Along the same lines, the “TierraBella” Artisans’ Association seeks to professionalize the work of each one of its members, in order to give value, make visible and disseminate the handicrafts of the commune. Contributing to the development of identity, culture, and heritage within the territory.

In this way, the work that will be done together, aims to encourage and collaboratively manage the work that is done in each of the institutions.

“Both the A.A TierraBella and Casa Taller will be able to disseminate through their different channels the activities that both entities develop jointly, having to unify the dissemination material to use, as well as the messages” points the third point of the agreement.

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